Almost GPT-3, but cheaper.

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Did you try to get access to GPT-3 API but you had a negative or inexistent reply?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

The text generation API you were looking for.

(*or at least, an affordable and accesible alternative)

Text generation

You give an input text, we complete it according to its pattern.

Easy Integration

As simple as a Rest API call.

Cheap fine-tuning alternative

It's not GPT-3. But you can fine tune GPT-2 with your own dataset.

Instant access

No more neverending waiting lists.


(*Approximately, 1 word = 1.4 tokens, which are pieces of words.
For example, the word “lower” gets broken up into the tokens “low”, “er”.
Tokens are counted for both input prompt and predicted text)


USD 0/ month

  • 10k tokens
  • 1 month
  • 0 custom fine tuned models
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USD 20/ month

  • 1M tokens /month
  • 0,005 cents per additional token
  • 0 custom fine tuned models
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USD 60/ month

  • 2M tokens /month
  • 0,004 cents per additional token
  • 1 custom fine tuned model
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USD 250/ month

  • 10M tokens /month
  • 0,003 cents per additional token
  • 3 custom fine tuned models
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by rodbarest